Active architects on vacation

Together with her husband Jaromír, Naďa forms the architectural studio Pizingers Morix. And while they
could spend all days and nights designing, this time they finish work a little earlier. It is Monday, they
have packed and are leaving Prague around three in the afternoon.

The journey, which is accompanied by the parakeet Freddy, goes quickly. Naďa and Jaromír reach the
hotel room in Karlovy Vary before dinner. They don't bother with unpacking. "When we're on vacation, it
looks a bit like an atomic bomb. And it stays like that the entire stay," Naďa laughs.

The first evening belongs to good food

Naďa puts on an elegant dress and heads to the Grandrestaurant with her husband. The famous restaurant where James Bond dined with beautiful Vesper. She orders lobster cream for dinner and together with her husband agree on a bottle of heavy French red wine. There is no need to rush to finish it. They don't go back home until Thursday.

Yes to rest, but no slacking

Favorite travel activity? For Naďa, it is clearly wandering around the city and visiting local businesses.
Therefore, on Tuesday after breakfast, Naďa and Jaromír set off to the center of Karlovy Vary to explore the famous spa cafes, restaurants and bistros.

They stop at Café KAVA, where they order homemade lemonade. After a few meters, they stop at the
Krcálek Espresso Bar. They have a small coffee, and a small quark cake must not be missing for take
away. And lunch? They have it in a nearby pizzeria.

Afternoon by the pool

After lunch, Naďa and Jaromír walk along the colonnade, where they taste several springs. Then they head back to the hotel. Naďa has a spa on her agenda.

She enjoys swimming in the pool, which is almost empty during the week. She skips steam and sauna. "I like to rest, but I don't like to slack," she says. There's really no danger of slacking, because Jaromír, an opponent of all wellness pleasures, unexpectedly joins her and prepares an unseen surprise for her and
others too.

Seeing the architecture in Karlovy Vary

Today, Naďa and Jaromír have one more goal in addition to cafes and other gastronomy businesses: architecture. The first steps of the married couple therefore lead to the Thermal Hotel. "We like walks
with a strong visual impression," explains Naďa.

A walk in the vicinity of Thermal Hotel leads the husband and wife to the Three Crosses viewpoint, from where there is a beautiful view of the city. Then all they have to do is to run down past the little-known statue of a cat, the Hot spring, which is the largest thermal spring in Karlovy Vary, and the municipal theater. The couple is back at the Grandhotel Pupp. They will spend the rest of Wednesday here.

Vodní lázeň

A fresh breeze in a glass

After an afternoon of rest spent flipping through magazines about architecture and interior design, Naďa and Jaromír go to Becher's Bar.

Naďa chooses the Breeze drink with gin, jasmine and Perrier Jouet Brut champagne. As a creative person, she is enthusiastic about the menu concept, which is inspired by natural elements. "You can see that someone here has thought a lot about it. The menu has a story and an emotion. I can appreciate that a lot.”

Vodní lázeň

A stay as a mental rest

On Thursday it is time to return to Prague. But before leaving, Naďa ends her stay at Grandhotel Pupp with a strong beef broth, which she had already tasted at breakfasts.
"We work most of the time, and when we travel, our holidays are very busy. This was entirely something
different. We stopped, turned off and slowed down. It was such an active mental rest. And that's exactly
what we needed," concludes Naďa.

Jaromír: We like to switch between holidays in nature and in a beautiful hotel.

Karolína: My tea at five? Champagne and Pupp cake.

Gandi: Room? Only with a view of the promenade.

Filip: I always pack pants with pucks to Pupp.