Tradition since 1701

This iconic five-star hotel in the heart of Karlovy Vary with its charm and unforgettable atmosphere have enchanted artists, scientists, statesmen and other exceptional guests from among the worlds leading figures for more than three centuries.

Entrance of Hotel PUPP

Summer in Pupp

We have prepared a number of activities for those who prefer a holiday on the move for this summer season. We can rent you e-bikes or Nordic walking poles so you can enjoy the beauty and experiences that Karlovy Vary and its picturesque surroundings have to offer.


Specialties from fresh mussels
September 21 - 27

Hotel services

In addition to the 228 rooms and suites of the highest standard, the hotel offers the exclusive Spa, Wellness centre and several first-class restaurants.

Event Calendar


22. 9. - 27. 9. 2020 Prague Mussel Week


17. 10. 2020 Burlesque Night


19. 12. 2020 Beethoven Night

Upcoming events

November Vivaldianno

Jude Law in front of Hotel PUPP

Film Pupp

The unique atmosphere of the Grandhotel Pupp has been attracting filmmakers since the begining of film. There have been dozens of films including the Bond movie Casino Royale, and have hosted the stars of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival every year.

Hotel PUPP in fall

Rich history

Six generations of the Pupp family have developed and shaped a phenomenon that has lasted for centuries. The breathtaking history, architecturally unique buildings and its genius loci, make The Grandhotel Pupp a place that is unparalleled.

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