The goal of the trip: learn to rest

Karolína, a curator and gallerist from Prague, is going to Karlovy Vary on Thursday together with her
friend Filip for a long weekend. In addition to the suitcases, Gandalf, a cute maltipoo, which Karolína
takes care of for her friends, is also traveling with her in the car. He is welcomed at Pupp as warmly as
she is.

She heads to the spa immediately upon arrival. But she doesn't want to relax. She swims. It is one of her
favorite sports activities. While tackling the pools, she manages to admire the local design, which reminds
her of the work of the renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor. “He has designed many beautiful spas
around the world,” she describes.

Dance through the morning

On Friday, Karolína wakes up around eight o'clock in the morning. She danced her way into the new day accompanied by her favorite music in headphones. Steve Lacy and his Bad Habit gets her going every time. “I like quick mornings,” she says. She leaves early for breakfast in Malá dvorana and reserves Philip's place at the table.

Fortified by breakfast, she and Filip head for the massage that she had booked before arriving. She
chooses a gentle aromatherapy option.

Art on every corner

After the massage, she leaves Filip with Gandalf, called Gandi for short, at the hotel and goes to town. On
the way, she does not miss her favorite baroque church of St. Mary Magdalene. It never ceases to
fascinate her that the Mlýnská colonnade was designed by the architect of the National Theater Zítek,
while the author duo Fellner and Helmer, to whom Prague owes the building of the State Opera House,
built the local municipal theater. Thanks to its rich history, Karlovy Vary is an open-air art exhibition.

Afternoon tea? Champagne and cake

Karolína ends her afternoon walk at Café Pupp. She sits in a comfortable box with large windows and a
view of the river Teplá.

She orders a glass of champagne and the famous Pupp cake. It is prepared according to the original recipe of the founder of the Pupp dynasty and the famous confectioner Johan Georg. Its secret?Becherovka.

Master drinks

In the evening, she meets Filip again. Today, however, they are changing Malá dvorana for the legendary Becher's Bar. Vítězslav Cirok, one of the best bartenders in the world, is in charge here. He is proud, for example, of winning the prestigious Diageo Reserve World Class bar-tending competition.

The two friends are having dinner in a pleasantly darkened bar. The conversation flows pleasantly. And that's also thanks to the local cocktails. From the menu inspired by natural elements, Karolína chooses the Steam drink. But she will try more of them this evening. After all, it is only a few steps away from the room...

Vodní lázeň

Every day, a different walk

The surroundings of the hotel are criss-crossed with trails, so they won't be out walking Gandi along the
same route during their entire four-day stay.

On Saturday morning, Karolína and Gandi run out towards the Karlovy Vary Art Gallery. They pass a
monument to the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz and a statue of Ludwig Van Beethoven. They stop at a
Japanese Zen garden outside the city. Except for a few locals, they are alone here.

Vodní lázeň

Trip outside Vary

After breakfast, together with Filip and Gandalf, they go to the nearby Mariánské Lázně. They
unexpectedly choose the train for their journey. This nearly 60-kilometer route was listed by the British
newspaper The Guardian as one of the 10 most beautiful routes in Europe a few years ago. And that's what they want to see!

In Mariánské Lázně, they have a hearty lunch, a walk through the city center and a spa wafer. They are
back in Pupp in the early evening.

Uma Thurman před hotelem PUPP

The art of resting

Karolína has her last day in Karlovy Vary. After breakfast, she quickly packs up, goes to the cafe, where she refreshes herself with her second morning coffee. She will use the remaining time at Pupp to write texts for the upcoming Prague exhibition.

During the journey back to Prague, she slowly eats the Karlovy Vary wafers she received at check-out.
She comes home on Sunday evening as a changed person. She feels that her head is finally a little lighter.

Jaromír: We like to switch between holidays in the countryside and in a beautiful hotel.

Naďa: I want to feel relaxed even in a glamorous environment.

Gandi: A room? Only with a view of the promenade.

Filip: I always pack pants with pucks to Pupp.