Room? Only with a view of the promenade

At first glance, Gandi looks like the perfect plush toy. But he is a very lively maltipoo, which, thanks to
his owners, often finds himself in beautiful places. This time, however, he is traveling with substitute
mistresses, Karolína and Filip. They look after him and took him with them to Pupp, where pets are
welcomed as warmly as two-legged guests.

Every day, a different walk

Gandi likes overview and brisk walks. That is why he especially praised the room with a view of the end
of the promenade and the surrounding woods. During his four-day stay, he honestly explored nearly all of the trails leading through them.

"When walking in the city, it annoys me that we constantly go in the circle around the house and already know every nook and cranny. Here, together with Gandhi, we still had a lot to discover," praises Filip.

Leave me alone

While Karolína and Filip enjoyed the spa and massages, Gandi relaxed undisturbed in his room. The maids had already prepared a bed, bowls and a small treat for him before his arrival. In addition, at his request, they hung a special orange tag on the door handle so that no one would disturb him. That's five-star service according to Gandhi's taste!

Vodní lázeň

Blackout curtains, the enemy of morning walks

Gandi's only complaint was the blackout curtains. They worked so perfectly that he had to make a lot of
effort in the morning to get Filip out of bed. By the third day, he had already forced one of the windows to remain open, and the walks had returned to the early hours of the morning.

Jaromír: We like to switch between holidays in the countryside and in a beautiful hotel.

Karolína: My tea at five? Champagne and Pupp cake.

Naďa: I want to feel relaxed even in a glamorous environment.

Filip: I always pack pants with pucks to Pupp.