A simple t-shirt, two jackets, a cage with a

parakeet and off we go

Jaromír scheduled the last Monday meeting for the noon. He does not like to be stressed before the trip itself. He therefore prepared in advance. His favorite simple T-shirts are not missing in his bag for a four-day stay in Karlovy Vary, where he is going with his wife Naďa. And jackets. He packed two, one more sporty and the other one elegant. This combination is always enough.

Viennese schnitzel – a fixed star of the menu

Immediately upon arrival, Jaromír unpacks one of his jackets and sets off together with his wife for dinner at the Grandrestaurant.

Here he chooses a table in the corner to have a view of the entire, slowly filling area of the hotel's main
restaurant. He orders a bottle of red wine from France and a Viennese schnitzel with mashed potatoes. He will repeat this several more times during his stay.

Cafe bums in the town

Jaromír and Naďa like coffee and also various businesses, restaurants or bistros. "We're typical cafe bums and we enjoy being able to evaluate interiors. After all, we have already designed a few of them
ourselves," says architect Jaromír during the Tuesday morning walk through the town, which follows
immediately after a hearty breakfast.

Right before that Jaromír lights up his first morning cigarette in front of the hotel. It is his favorite ritual. After that they walk along the river Teplá towards the center of the town, where they enjoy coffee in a renowned espresso bar.

Anything is possible in Pupp

While Naďa is a passionate swimmer, Jaromír avoids hotel pools and spas. “A swimsuit and a white
robe? Nothing for me, thank you," he categorically says at first.

But later he decides to explore the spa after all. He changes into his pajamas, which symbolizes relaxation, and goes to meet Naďa. A moment of prompting is all it takes, and Jaromír, who is a fan of any unconventional idea, is standing waist-deep in water. It is the first time he has tried a hotel pool. And it is also the first time for the pool – no one has ever bathed in pajamas there.

Back to the roots

There is no time to waste time. Jaromír and Naďa start their third day at the Grandhotel Pupp quickly. After breakfast, where they both can't get enough of the little fluffy pancakes, they head into town. Wednesday is for admiring the local architecture, specifically the Thermal Hotel. The reason is simple. Jaromír was born in Karlovy Vary, and it was this building, designed by renowned architects and husband and wife Věra and Vladimír Machonin, that influenced his further career direction.

Vodní lázeň

A break in the café garden

After a walk through the city, Jaromír sits in the outdoor garden of Café Pupp, orders a cappuccino and smokes a cigarette. It is the most strategic place to observe life at the Grandhotel.

Then he meets his wife at Becher's Bar. Jaromír, dressed in an elegant jacket, eats a beef steak with garlic puree. After the meal, he has a soft Les drink with gin, Chartreuse liqueur, blueberries and pine shoots.

Vodní lázeň

There is no rush from the Grandhotel

Thursday is the last day in Pupp. This time, the couple orders breakfast directly to their room. "We like to go on vacation tent camping. But when we are in a beautiful hotel, we want to try everything it has to offer," says Jaromír.

After breakfast and a morning cigarette, he and Naďa pack back for the trip to Prague. But they don't want to rush anywhere. That's why they treat themselves to a few more moments in the Karlovy Vary hotel, which they spend in the Grandrestaurant. And your guess is right, Jaromír orders the third schnitzel here.

Naďa: I want to feel relaxed even in a glamorous environment.

Karolína: My tea at five? Champagne and Pupp cake.

Gandi: A room? Only with a view of the promenade.

Filip: I always pack pants with pucks to Pupp.