Karlovy Vary and the surrounding countryside offer many natural beauties and man made monuments. It is up to you which of these pearls you will add to the treasure-trove of experiences that you will take away from your stay at the Grandhotel Pupp.

Walks and Prospects

The spa part of Karlovy Vary is surrounded by hills covered with deep mixed forests and interwoven with countless trails of various difficulty, suitable for easy walks or light treks.


The left bank of the Tepla River, directly above Pupp, is dominated by the Freundschaftshöhe, easily accessible by the historical cable car directly from the hotel. From the Diana observation tower at its top, beautiful views of Karlovy Vary and the monumental ridge of the Krušné Mountains open up, and hundreds of exotic flying gems from all over the world enchant you in the nearby Butterfly House. Some of the many trips that have been made to the spa for guests at the end of the 19th century, can either go straight back to the hotel or go to one of the other attractions in the area, such as the Chopin Cottage, a historical wooden gazebo in the middle of the forest, Neo-Gothic Karel´s IV. lookout point, Observation tower on Doubská hora and other destinations.

Goethe's lookout

Heights on the right bank of the Teplá River are somewhat more difficult to access as there is no cable car, but they offer equally breathtaking views and experiences. The main attraction is the newly repaired Goethe's Lookout, a pseudo-Gothic lookout tower from 1889, from where you can head back to the city on a pleasant forest path lined with numerous landscaped viewing points.

Sightseeing of Karlovy Vary

Walk of Fame

Directly in front of the Grandhotel Pupp is a walkway of 70 bronze bricks with the names of famous hotel guests including prominent rulers, statesmen and personalities of culture and art.

City theatre

The historicizing Pseudo-Rococo building was built by Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer, Viennese architects who also designed the Grandhotel Pupp, and Gustav and Ernst Klimt participated in the interior decoration. The theater features both the ensemble's drama cast and guest performances of various genres.

Imperial Spa

The Imperial Spa is another monumental building by the architects Fellner and Helmer this time, in Neo-Baroque style. At the time of their creation, they were the largest spa operations in the city and at the same time the most modern spa facilities in Austria-Hungary. Scenes from the Knights of Shanghai and Casino Royale were filmed in the Zender´s Hall on the first floor. The building, which has not served its original purpose for many years, can only be admired from the outside or the occasional opening, as it is closed for gradual reconstruction.

Karlovy Vary Museum

The permanent exhibition presents nature with a reference to ecology, maps the development of the region's settlement and the founding of cities, as well as valuable architectural and artistic monuments. Emphasis is also placed on themes specific to the region - mining, balneology and traditional production, represented by collections of art-craft items. Permanent exhibitions are complemented by short-term thematic exhibitions.

Villa Becher

Gustav Becher, the then director of Karlovarská Becherovka and one of Karlovy Vary's most notorious personalities of that time, had a representative Art Nouveau villa built for his family just before the First World War. The recently restored building now serves as an interactive gallery for young artists.

Hůrky Observatory

The Carlsbad Observatory offers observations of the night sky with expert commentary, as well as lectures on astronomical topics.


Evidence of the famous spa tradition of Karlovy Vary are also in the 5 colonnades with healing springs. Mlýnská, Zámecká, Sadová and Market Colonnade have been preserved in their original historical form.

Nearby sightseeing


A breathtaking historical town with a Gothic castle on a rocky promontory above the Ohře River, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Karlovy Vary region. It is also popular among filmmakers for its charm and well-preserved character: Casino Royale (2006); Joan of Arc (1999) and On the Western Front (1979) are some examples, but it is also found in many Czech films. Travel time by car from Karlovy Vary is approximately 25 minutes.

Bečov nad Teplou

Another of the picturesque historic towns in the west of Bohemia hides a real gem, unique even on a global scale. The reliquary of St. Maura, is a Romanesque monument of immense value, which is the second most valuable cultural monument of the Czech Republic after the crown jewels. Travel time by car from Karlovy Vary is approximately 25 minutes.


Kyslelka is a spa destination, which was famous for its mineral water Mattoni far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. The unsuccessful privatization after the fall of communism led to the closure of the spa and their complete abandonment. One of the repaired houses, the Löschner Pavilion, houses the Mattoni Museum, which documents the history of the Mattoni family and the bottling of mineral water in Kyselka. Travel time by car from Karlovy Vary is approximately 25 minutes.


It is a urban monument zone with a Renaissance chateau from the 17th century and the chateau park, which are gradually being renovated. The park and the castle are accessible without a guide and during the summer season, it hosts a number of open-air cultural events. Travel time by car from Karlovy Vary is approximately 35 minutes.


Originally a Gothic castle in the 14th century, it gained its current appearance in the 19th century after many reconstructions when it was rebuilt in the style of the Tudor Gothic. The chateau is accessible only in the summer season, but you can visit the Castle Brewery all year round. The brewery organizes guided tours and tastings of its beers, which are a great example of a Czech-type lager, its roots go back to 1580. Travel time by car from Karlovy Vary is approximately 35 minutes.



Karlovy Vary is located at the foot of the Krušné Mountains, offering excellent conditions for downhill and classic skiing and other winter sports. On both sides of the Czech-German border there are a number of winter resorts, of which the largest is Interskiregion Klinovec - Fichtelberg with more than 20 kilometers of perfectly groomed slopes and tens of kilometers of cross-country trails.


There are several tennis clubs with outdoor and indoor courts in Karlovy Vary and its surrounding areas, so lovers of this sport will find their place here. In addition to renting courts, it is also possible to arrange a training lesson or a match with a sparring partner.


The landscape around Karlovy Vary offers ideal conditions for mountain and road cycling. A number of well-marked cycling paths of varying difficulty lead through the rugged landscape, offering far-reaching views, long descents and stretches through the deep forests of the Slavkov Forest.


There are several equestrian clubs in Karlovy Vary where you can rent horses for rides or riding in the riding hall. For those who admire noble horses from a more respectful distance or like to experience the thrill of betting, there is the Carlsbad Racecourse.