Karlovy Vary thermal springs

More than six hundred years of tradition of the Karlovy Vary spa is based on the healing effects of thermal springs, which rise from a depth of over 2,500 meters in the valley of the Teplá River. The most famous of these, the famous Hot Spring, jets water at 73.4 ° C up to 12 meters in height and has a yield of up to 2000 liters per minute.

Map of springs

Another 13 hot springs are brought to 5 drinking colonnades and several pavilions. Karlovy Vary springs contain over 40 chemical elements beneficial to the human body and their positive effects have been proven over generations. The springs differ from each other by their temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide gas. In addition to the positive effect on digestion, general health and increased immunity, the drinking cure also helps to clean the body.