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La Belle Epoque La Belle Epoque Группам туристов, приезжающим в Карловы Вары, предлагаем пообедать или поужинать в великолепных залах «Grandhotel Pupp». Для таких случаев мы предлагаем комплексные обеды или шведский стол из блюд чешской и международной кухни. Мы также можем организовать в форме шведского стола завтраки, полдники или кофе и десерт. Мы с нетерпением ждем ваших заявок! ПОДРОБНЕЕ Festive Hall Festive Hall The beautiful neobaroque interior of Festive Hall with a capacity of up to 750 people is clearly the most impressive facility in Karlovy Vary. It is frequently sought after for its unique look and atmosphere, for instance for luxurious presentational events, as well as cultural events of an international importance such as the International Film Festival, festival of travel films Tourfilm, and from among Czech events the Miss Czech Republic pageant (Miss ČR) and many others.Festive Hall is also suitable for organising congresses and conferences. It offers wide possibilities for different types of table arrangements and thanks to its technical background it also offers excellent conditions for using the most modern technological equipment for conferences. It is because of this that a number of significant congresses are held right there annually, for example the World congress of urology, the World congress of barmen, Balneologic Days and the meeting of Ministers of the Visegrad Four and many others. ПОДРОБНЕЕ Lounges Bohemia I – II – III Lounges Bohemia I – II – III These three separately available lounges are located near the reception of Grandhotel Pupp. Bohemia I and II lounges can be joined into one great conference room by using a sliding door, which creates variable spaces suitable for various events. The neighbouring Bohemia III lounge is a smaller room suitable especially for private meetings at a round table for up to 12 people. ПОДРОБНЕЕ Lounges Beethoven I – II – III Lounges Beethoven I – II – III These three highly variable, separately available lounges can be easily joined into one conference room with a relatively unconventional ground plan. The lounges are harmonized in an antique rose colour and thanks to their specific atmosphere they are often used for instance as places for press conferences, business meetings and trainings. ПОДРОБНЕЕ Lounges Chopin I – II Lounges Chopin I – II These two separately available lounges located in Grandhotel Pupp Park Side can be joined into one conference room.  ПОДРОБНЕЕ Lounge Mattoni Lounge Mattoni Utilize the option of conducting your discussions in the unconventional setting of Becher´s Bar Club, a classical club in an English style that the enclosed Mattoni lounge offers. This option offers above all an exclusive setting. ПОДРОБНЕЕ Lounge Amadeus Lounge Amadeus This new lounge in Grandhotel Pupp is suitable for meetings for approx. 10 people or as an office for organisers of great events, because as standard it is equipped with a computer and fax machine. ПОДРОБНЕЕ Louges in the Golf restaurant Louges in the Golf restaurant If you are interested in organising your event at an unconventional place, in atypical, but pleasant and very peaceful areas, we offer you the possibility of using our other lounges in the Golf Restaurant, which are located right in the middle of Karlovy Vary golf course. The Golf Restaurant is approx. 5 km away from Grandhotel Pupp and it is available during the golf season, i.e. from April till November. The maximum capacity of the lounges is 50 and 30 seats respectively.Grandhotel PUPP is an exclusive supplier and thus a guarantor of the highest quality of gastronomic services.If you are interested in these very spaces, you have the unique possibility of setting up an accompanying golf program as well. The possibilities in this area are really great. Besides training on a driving range and putting, there is, of course, an 18-hole course, and it is one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic. For those who prefer watching the game we provide a unique exhibition by a golf professional with luminous balls. A total innovation is the Aquila Wellness Club relaxation center. It offers a whirpool bath, hot steam and massages. Upon paying the green fee you have free entrance to the center. ПОДРОБНЕЕ

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