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Historia del Grandhotel Pupp

The first building of Grandhotel Pupp, the called Saxon Hall was built by order of the mayor Deiml in 1701. This building served as the basis for a future resort.

In the period of greatest glory of Saxon Hall, another ruled the town mayor Andreas Becher. He also had his own land along the river, he also wanted to have their own Lusthaus ˝ ˝. The building next room Saxon making a right angle with it himself, where today is the Hall of Mirrors and the "Grandrestaurant Pupp" restaurant. It was named Czech Chamber immediately.

In 1760 came to Carlsbad Jan Jiří Pop, Veltrusy neighbor, who until that time worked as a baker for Count Rudolf Chotek. He immediately began working in a pastry baker belonging to Mitterbach. In 1775 he married his daughter Františka buying the widow of Mayor Becher one-third of the Czech Chamber. A year later Františka buy a second third and in 1776 her husband meanwhile starts as Johann Georg Pupp signed purchase the remainder. In the same year finally mounted their own business.

During the nineteenth century the family business starts to succeed and in 1890 the Pupp family represented by Anton, Julius and Heinrich Brothers, also buys Saxon Hall. In the same year the family corporation is based. Six years later the delivery company called Pupp ˝ ˝ Establissement the Viennese architects Fellner and Helmer to the union of all the buildings in one handles. In 1907 Grandhotel Pupp opens in neo-baroque style as we know it today.

In 1922-1923 they made the reconstruction and modernization of the entire resort. Thereafter all rooms have their own bathroom with hot and cold water. However, it is considered a bigger success purchase before World War II, the last building, the house called "Dum Bozi oko" (Eye of God), the current Cafe Pupp.

In 1951 the name changed to Hotel Grandhotel Moskva, devolviéndosele its original name after 1989.

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