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Spa treatment inspired by nature


From time immemorial, the springs rise in the valley of the Teplá river. The Karlovy Vary balneology, over 600 years old, is built upon its curative effects. Up to 2000 litres per minute of thermal water rises from the Sprudel, its fountain geysering 12 m high. From approximately 100 springs of various yields, 12 of them are captured; their temperature varies from 42 °C to 72 °C.


An important part of the treatment at Karlovy Vary is the drinking cure. The springs have various temperatures and content of carbon dioxide gas. Therefore, you must follow the prescribed springs, quantity and drinking times. The drinking cure is mostly suitable before meals, when walking, in small sips. Besides a positive impact on digestion, on overall health and on the immune system, it helps detoxify the body.


The treatment is based on an individual treatment plan determined by the physician during the introductory exam. For maximum effect, the treatment stay should last 14 days or more, but even shorter wellness stays are an essential part of our lives nowadays. They have preventive effects, relieve your body of stress and jump-start your personal development. The treatments should be repeated twice a year, with a break of six months. 

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