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. . mehr infos . . mehr infos Informationen auf Grundlage der Novelle des Gesetzes Nr. 634/1992 Slg. Informationen auf Grundlage der Novelle des Gesetzes Nr. 634/1992 Slg. Informationen auf Grundlage der Novelle des Gesetzes Nr. 634/1992 Slg. über den Verbraucherschutz: Der Gast hat das Recht, einen Antrag auf außergerichtliche Beilegung einer Streitigkeit durch ein Gremium für Verbraucherstreitigkeiten zu stellen. Dieses Gremium ist:Tschechische HandelsinspektionZentralinspektion – Abteilung für ADRŠtěpánská 15120 00 Praha 2E-Mail: adr@coi.czWeb: https://adr.coi.czDie Tschechische Handelsinspektion ist die Aufsichtsbehörde, welche den Schutz des Verbrauchers überwacht. Sie geht dabei nach Gesetz Nr. 64/1986 Slg. über die tschechische Handelsinspektion in gültiger Fassung und weiteren Rechtsvorschriften vor. Die Website der Tschechischen Handelsinspektion ist www.coi.cz. Gemäß Bestimmung § 1837, litt. j) des Gesetzes Nr. 89/2012 Slg., Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch, entsteht dem untergebrachten Gast als Verbraucher kein Recht auf Rücktritt vom Übernachtungsvertrag, wenn der Unterkunftgeber die Leistung zu dem bestimmten Termin erfüllt. mehr infos Pupp Royal Spa Reconstruction PROJECT “SPA AND WELLNESS – RECONSTRUCTION AND EXTENSION OF GRANDHOTEL PUPP KARLOVY VARY, reg. number CZ.1.09/4.1.00/36.00797”The Grandhotel Pupp opened for its guests a new wellness centre with a pool and saunas, extending its more than three hundred year tradition in accommodation and dining services in a new direction of wellness care at the Pupp Royal Spa. At the weekend of 11-12 May 2013, representatives of the board of directors of GRANDHOTEL PUPP Karlovy Vary, a.s. and the general manager of the Grandhotel Pupp, Ing. Andrea Pfeffer-Ferklová, welcomed distinguished guests and regular clients at the gala opening of the new Pupp Royal Spa wellness centre. The project entitled “Spa and Wellness – Reconstruction and Extension of Grandhotel Pupp Karlovy Vary, project reg. number CZ.1.09/4.1.00/36.00797” was launched on 2 January 2012.The architect of the selected project is Karel Mrázek from the KAAMA s.r.o. studio. For the new premises he selected modern materials in line with current trends, contrasting with the Neo-Baroque style of Grandhotel Pupp. An emphasis was placed on the selection of colours and the placing of lighting elements in a way that would be most relaxing to help induce a peaceful state of mind. The construction of the new wellness centre building with a relax pool began in mid-July last year after the departure of guests of the film festival. Exactly nine months later, a brand new building was standing in the former hotel courtyard, the lower part of which contains the building facilities as well as a sauna, steam baths, an ice fountain, experience showers and a relaxation room. The entire floor above contains a relaxation pool with small thematic pools in the corners and a recreational pier. There are also three unique tunnels linking the centre to neighbouring buildings. The rear passageway leads to Balneo I, a building housing treatment rooms. Instead of the former relaxation centre, there is now a new modern fitness centre together with the main entrance to the Pupp Royal Spa for hotel guests, the reception desk and medical clinics. The last tunnel joins the wellness centre to the hotel reception office, from where our guests can access the new terrace. 300 m2 in size, this spacious terrace is intended for social events. Pupp Royal Spa is a 1,300 m2 spa in the heart of the Grandhotel Pupp. The hotel offer also includes the exclusive Royal Spa Suite with a private sauna, whirlpool, a water massage bed and another massage bed. In peak season, the centre is ready to provide 700 treatments every day. The treatments provided at Karlovy Vary include carbon dioxide, pearl, mineral and mud baths, dry carbon dioxide baths, mud packs and hydrocolon therapies as well as inhalations, oxygen therapy, lymphatic drainage and naturally also massages. An integral part of curative stays is the traditional drinking cure of Karlovy Vary, prescribed by a physician after an initial consultation. Partners:Střední zdravotnická škola a Vyšší odborná škola zdravotnická, Karlovy VaryRemed Meziboří s.r.o.Krušnohorská poliklinika s.r.o. www.nuts2severozapad.cz  ●  www.europa.eu mehr infos Rechtsform GRANDHOTEL PUPP Karlovy Vary, a.s. Die Firma ist in das Handelsregister beim Kreisgericht in Pilsen, Absatz B, Einlage 40 eingetragen. www.justice.cz mehr infos . mehr infos

GRANDHOTEL PUPP Karlovy Vary, a.s. 
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360 01 Karlovy Vary

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