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Donaldson Europe Donaldson Europe zjistit více EUREST, spol. s r.o. EUREST, spol. s r.o. zjistit více OK Agency s.r.o. OK Agency s.r.o.   Corporate event of MSD Company, September 2010 Ms. Zuzana Líšková (Antalová), OK Agency s.r.o. - Chief Executive "We are an agency who organized and event in the Grandhotel Pupp for our client. Our clients were very satisfied with the whole event and we would like to thank the employees for their professionalism and flexibility. We look forward to further co-operation." zjistit více BPA sport marketing a.s. BPA sport marketing a.s.   Zlata hokejka 2010 "Golden Hockey Stick" Ms. Petra Pavelková, Head of production team BPA sport marketing, a.s. "BPA Sport Marketing, a.s., had another opportunity to use superb services of Grandhotel Pupp within an event "Zlata Hokejka 2010" (Golden Hockey Stick 2010). We are not only returning to the Grandhotel Pupp just because we find luxurious accommodation, excellent cuisine and a perfect service for production team and of course our guests but mostly because we have an excellent team of employees here, who give their professionalism, flexibility and sincere personal care at all times. Our many "THANKS" goes out to all employees but in particular to Petra Kozickova, Kveta Koubkova and Katrin Houskova who helped make this event a success. I sincerely hope that we, at Grandhotel Pupp, will be able to hold the 43rd Golden Hockey Stick for the best ice hockey player of the Czech Republic here again next year." zjistit více GUARANT International GUARANT International   I. Congress of the Czech Psychiatric Society: Treatment in Psychiatry, 2009 Prof. MUDr. Jiří Raboch, DrSc., Chairman of the Czech Psychiatric Society, President of Congress "Let us thank you and your colleagues for excellent cooperation in setup and realization of the I. Congress: Treatment in Psychiatry, which was held from 5 to 8 November 2009 at your hotel. High professionalism, responsiveness and reliability of you and your colleagues significant contributed to success of the event. We appreciate your personal attitude, which you have contributed to the pleasant atmosphere of the Congress. We believe that our future cooperation will continue." zjistit více BPA sport marketing a.s. BPA sport marketing a.s.   Zlata hokejka 2009 "Golden Hockey Stick" Ms. Petra Pavelková, head of production team BPA sport marketing, a.s. "On behalf of BPA Sport Marketing, a.s. I would like to cordially thank Grandhotel Pupp for its cooperation with our successful events, the Zlatá hokejka 2009 (Golden Hockey Stick) and the Czech Hockey Games 2009.We were very satisfied with the location and with all provided accommodations, as well as with the impeccable service that we received. We highly appreciate the excellent quality of the hotel staff and their flexibility during both the event planning and its execution. Special thanks goes out to Květa Koubková, Katrin Houšková and Petra Kozičková, who co-operated with our production team. We also extend our gratitude to the GH Pupp chef, Ms. Vlaďka Příhodová, and her entire staff for preparing delicious refreshments, and last but not least to Car Park Security, who contributed to the smooth flow of these events. It was a pleasure to work with the Grandhotel Pupp during these successful events and we welcome the possibility of future cooperation with the hotel." zjistit více CCL-CONFERENCE CZECHOSLOVAKIA LTD. CCL-CONFERENCE CZECHOSLOVAKIA LTD.    CCL-CONFERENCE CZECHOSLOVAKIA LTD.- Fabia World Dealer Conference 2007   Milan Šimáček, Managing Partner: "I would like to express my thanks to you as well as in this manner for your personal involvement and the quality services of the staff of the Grandhotel Pupp on the occasion of our projects "Fabia World Dealer Conference 2007", "Fabia Lieferanten Symposium" and "New Fabia VIP Presentation". I indeed appreciate especially the fact that you could maintain a high standard of all the services without any fluctuation for the whole period of 25 days during this event. I am very pleased to say that all the three projects have been realized on such a quality, which exceeded the expectations of a very demanding client, which the Škoda Auto a.s. indisputably is. In conclusion allow me to tell you that your hotel has a very significant share in the success of the event, satisfaction of the customer and its guests. I look forward to our future co-operation." zjistit více MICROSOFT s.r.o. MICROSOFT s.r.o.   MICROSOFT s.r.o. Vojtěch Jirků, director of Public Sector Strategy, Microsoft Europe, Middle East, Africa "Our company's regional central offices for Central and Eastern Europe, for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as our Czech branch itself, have arranged tens of various events at Grandhotel Pupp since 2001, with a total number of hundreds participants. It is a pleasure for us to work together with the always professional and devoted team at Grandhotel Pupp. We are delighted about the quality of the provided services, accommodation, catering and event management. And that is why we are sincerely very happy whenever we return to Karlovy Vary and to Grandhotel Pupp. We know that events arranged in its areas are a guarantee for us and for our guests not only of 100% quality and satisfaction, but also of an unforgettable experience." zjistit více Allianz pojišťovna, a.s. Allianz pojišťovna, a.s.   National Conferences 2003, 2004, 2005 Vlastimil Divoký, Marketing Manager: "We organized national Conferences of our business service in the Pupp Grand Hotel in 2003-2005, always attended by about 700 people. Despite this considerable number we were able to say that everything had passed to our full satisfaction at the end of the Conference every year. It was our pleasure to co-operate with the Hotel organizational team led by Mrs. Ferklová, as we were always been given all we needed in very short time and in high quality. They also helped us actively with organization of our free time programme at some interesting parts of Karlovy Vary. The excellent Hotel kitchen, which served us with original culinary ideas, sufficient amount of food and adequate professional service was an extra story. If all of that is moreover set into the impressive environment of the Festive Hall and further spectacular rooms of the Hotel, we have no choice, but to say with clear conscience that we will soon return to that symbol of Karlovy Vary." zjistit více Boehringer Ingelheim spol. s r.o. Boehringer Ingelheim spol. s r.o.      Annual conference, December 2002 and 2003   Ing. Luděk Patočka, manager: "Our meeting took place successfully and it met our expectations. All this happened also thanks to your approach towards organising the whole event. We highly appreciate all the work you did and the preparations you made for us, the pleasant behaviour, readiness and willingness, as well as providing all the out of hotel services." zjistit více Altre referenze zjistit více Altre referenze... zjistit více

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