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Chef de cuisine

Martin Piták

Dining services of the Grandhotel Pupp offer a wide selection of high quality, balanced and fresh dishes.

Our professional team of forty cooks prepares for our restaurants and bars Czech and international cuisine utilising the latest culinary trends and modern technology.

Under the management of head chef Martin Piták, holder of several prestigious awards and honours, the team continually hones its craft and keeps abreast of new trends. For our guests, we serve not only traditional dishes, but also sushi and fruit and vegetables with decorative carving.

There are several restaurants and bars to visit in Grandhotel Pupp. Each of them has its own menu emphasising its unique character. Menus change with the season.

Our five-star dining services are ready to delight you. 


Grandrestaurant Pupp

Daily except Monday 6 pm - 10 pm & Friday-Sunday 12 am - 3 pm 

Golf Restaurant 

8 am - 8 pm

Café Pupp

9 am - 7 pm

Club Malá Dvorana 

12 am - 11 pm

Becher´s Bar 


From 26 February 2017 till the end of April, the reconstruction of Becher´s Bar will proceed.
In this time we invite you to the Little Hall lobby bar from Thursday to Sunday to join us for the music evening with Mr. Janson from 9 pm until midnight.

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