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Carlsbad is a town of remedial springs, rich history, glamorous architecture and beautiful countryside. From time out of mind, springs rise in the valley of the Teplá river. The Carlsbad balneology, over 600 years old, is built upon its curative effects. Even though the ways of balneological treatment have developed over the centuries, there is one thing that remains the positive results for the endless generations of those looking for their lost wellbeing.

The following diagnoses are traditionally treated in Carlsbad:

  • gastrointestinal disorders, metabolism disorders, diabetes mellitus, obesity, gout, parodontosis, disorders of locomotive organs

Carlsbad curative methods:

  • drinking cure, mineral baths, siphoning, peat moss and paraffin packs, inhalation, cryotherapy, electrotherapy, hydropathy, traditional and underwater massages, oxygenotherapy, dental irrigation, pneumopuncture, akupuncture

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